Friday, February 15, 2008

For the Artist

Oh who are we kidding, I can't keep anything from you guys! No more secrets! I cheated on my promise and there's no getting around it--100% guilty as charged. Heck, I was even apprehended by one of the local police officers who, after reading of my promise, caught me knitting this forbidden item on one of my shifts! That's when you know you've crossed the line. I know I said I wouldn't slip, but that being the case, at least my fall from grace was not done in vain...

My outcome was a surprise Valentine's Day gift for my [patient] boyfriend, whom from this point on I'll refer to as "The Artist" (per our mutual decision). I noticed immediately that one of the things that was really popular throughout blogging communities was the creation of "aliases" for family and friends whose identities were too sacred (or too something) to be made public. Most of you know by now that my name is Rachel, but the bf was intrigued by the idea of picking a codename for himself (what guy wouldn't be...?)

"The Artist" is just about as suitable a name as could be chosen--Art is as much his passion as knitting is for me, if not more so. Right now he's a TA for the ceramics department at our university and, [unfortunately] he had to work tonight. At least I was able to get some fun aerial shots of him in his "element" while he was there! He is by far one of the most talented artists I know and I am constantly amazed by the FO's (potters have them too!) that are coming out of his studio. (More photos can be seen here!)
I spliced in some silly pictures too. The one of me being anxious to share this hat with you on Tuesday, and of course the middle shot of my beloved summer splurge paired with the Artist's work shoes. What can I say, we both love patterns on our feet! Oh for heaven's sake, enough about shoes--bring on the knitting! Here are the stats:

Pattern: Koolhas
Source: Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007
Designer: Jared Flood
Needles: US size 2 & size 7 Addi Turbos
Yarn: Berella Muskoka --100% Superwash Merino
Start Date: 2/10 End Date: 2:12

I loved making this! Something snuggly (err...manly) to keep the Artist's head warm was WAY overdue, and this pattern was the perfect remedy. This hat went very quickly and was so fun to knit! It's a very easy pattern to memorize, and without a cable needle, all of those little twists were fun rather than tedious. I highly recommend this pattern.

That's all for now, perhaps now I will get back on track now that I got that hiccup out of my system. Or maybe knitters just weren't meant to have these sorts of boundaries...?


Gudrun Johnston said...

It is a great hat and the 'Artist' looks very snazzy in handy to have a boyfriend who does pottery!

Sarah G said...

Very nice hat - I love that stony grey. And I can't wait to see your tree jacket when it's finished!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

rachel iufer said...

ah yes, the koolhaas is brilliant! i'm sure the artist is totally stoked to have such a sweet new hat! knitting quick love gifts is totally legitimate way to break up the knitting monotony. it's fair game :)

Cassiemarie said...

That hat looks completely lovely!
And so do the artist's pots!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, care to exchange links? If so just drop me a note. :)


LizKnits said...

what a great set of photos! The hat turned out super. It's on my list and the color you used looks fab.

Kara said...

Code names are always cool. And the hat looks awesome! How could you resist?

M said...

I read your post and just said, "wow." Between the two of you, the talent is incredible.

Alice said...

This is such a visually pleasing post :) I love the color you chose for The Artist's Koolhaas and his pottery is so well done!

Aubra said...

I love the silvery grey, it really shows off the texture of the hat- yarn that exploits the pattern most beautifully.

Dorm Comforter said...

Loving the beautiful vases :)