Friday, February 1, 2008

Absence Makes the Gauge Grow Smaller

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I leave my mittens alone for 2 weeks and what do they do? They changed gauge on me! (as if this is their fault...). Sometimes I forget that I'm controlling my knitting and not the other way around. It's almost as if I look down and smile sweetly (like one would do to a small child) and think "Ohhh, is that what we're doing now?". Sigh. Essentially my change in gauge means that my mittens actually started to fit rather than being fit for, say, a linebacker. Well, at least a linebacker with huge hands.This not only was my first experience with stranded knitting, but also my first run in with the Kitchener stitch. Now, after hearing horror stories about this part of the finishing process, I was a little tentative to sit down and do it. Who wants to ruin their weekend with that? However, being the "go-get-em" college student that I am, I decided to tackle this move in one play (yes, I am looking forward to the Superbowl).
Despite a minor error on my part (which was conveniently blurred in this photo), the grafting was completely seamless (ba da-bum *ching* hehe). But in all seriousness, it really was quite simple! Primarily because I was following Sandi Wiseheart (of Knitting Daily)'s guide to Grafting on the Needles. Now, I don't know if her tricks are any easier than a normal ones (since this is my first time) but this description was definitely easy to remember & execute! So there you have it. Updated photos + me well on my way to staying true to my promise! I consider that success.


Dove Knits said...

Oh! Oh! I've had that happen! I started a baby sweater, made the back, came back a year later and made a teensy weensy little front. I forgot --silly me -- that in that time, I completely changed the way I hold yarn.

My gauge also changes from the first sock (loose) to the second sock (tight) in a pair, even if I make them both over the course of a couple of days. Goooo figure.

Very very cute mitten, btw.

mari said...

I love the purple and the yellow together. Very pretty color choices.

Sorry about the gauge problem...but you can't tell from here. :)

LizKnits said...

I love the colors of those mittens ... great job!

paulettefeld said...

The mittens are great---even if they are Viking colors (just kidding).

I found goal post cookies at the grocery store for the game tomorrow. Gotta have some fun, even if our beloved Packers aren't playing!