Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Wisconsin, please make up your mind.

I say this with deepest sincerity and warmest affections. Well, as warm as they can be on a day like today! Why my impatience? Yesterday the weather was sunny with a high of 45 degrees (balmy weather for January in Wisconsin) and today I had classes canceled due to winter weather advisories and a -30 degree wind chill! How is a girl supposed to knit under these conditions?In knitting news, I have decided to give myself a new strategy for tackling some of my WIPs. It has come in the form of organization which I took th liberty of doing over winter break. Let me introduce you to the mecca of all that is yarn related and pleasure inducing-- I give you YARN CENTRALNow, I should probably take this time to point out that Yarn Central is conveniently located next to Shoe Central--an area of slightly lesser passion in my my life, but definitely still pleasure inducing.

I also hate to point out that Yarn Central is somewhat closely related in proximity to Textbook Central, which is certainly not pleasure inducing. (I'm thinking some new zoning laws need to be passed on this area of my closet)Now to explain the awesomeness of my new layout. The set of two drawers each have their own category of contents, both of them yarn related. The bottom drawer contains the yarn of projects to come. Yarn that can continue dreaming to seize their own destiny. Well, until I seize it for them anyway.
The top drawer contains all of my works in progress. All of them! It is so much easier to take account of what i have to work on when it's all physically in one place to look at. So here is my vow: I solemnly swear that I will finish every single object in the drawer before starting something new. With the exception of ONE baby sweater that I have to knit for a close friend who's due in March. This is my promise to myself, to ultimately gain control over my projects.

Projects in Question include:
  1. Wide Collared Vest
  2. Tree Jacket
  3. Back to School U-Neck Vest
  4. Bird in hand Mittens
  5. Forest Canopy Shawl
  6. Embossed Leaves Socks
  7. Le Slouch
Do you see why this has become a problem? I'll certainly have enough there to keep myself busy for the semester.

It also [unfortunately] means that I have to overlook all of the beautiful yarn I showed off yesterday until this mission is completed. Who thinks I can do this?


mari said...

Nice. You are much more organized than me and my two plastic bins that inhabit a corner of my bedroom.

Maureen said...

I heart your newly organized closet space to a frighteningly nerdy degree... As for the WIPs, you can do it! I'm also trying to gain control over my wayward WIPs. Just remember two things - summer knits don't count as WIPs until at least April and socks technically don't count at all. :) Good luck!!

TheBlackSheep said...

Send some of the cold this way please (go outside and blow East :0). We could use it. We're STILL above freezing and it's driving me crazy!

Wanna come organize my stash? Feel free! You did such a nice job with your own and mine could use it.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I have no idea. Nothing beats snot-icicles though. lol.

Nice "central." I wish my stuff was that organized.:)

Awesome Mom said...

That is beautifully organized. Mine is scattered all over the house. I really need to get my act together and come up with something better.

OfficerLisa said...

Well, I must say I enjoyed the visit to the "central" part of your abode. Question, where did you get the shoe organizer, my daughter would be envious!

amanda said...

Love the organization! And your photo of the buckled up yarn in your car was hilarious.

rachel iufer said...

are you always this well organized? i should take a lesson...

Dove Knits said...

Oh, man. You guys are even worse off than we are! We only dropped down to 2F! Without windchill, of course.

Those drawers look so nice and tidy. I envy your organizational skillz, or whatever it is kids say these days. I also like the shoes, because, like you, I like shoes. In fact, that's where my money goes!

LizKnits said...

I love that drawer idea... everything looks so nice and tidy!

badams said...

I am so jealous of your organization. My 'yarn central' is a milk crate under my bed!