Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She speaks!

Hello again! As promised, more photos of the mystery cliffhanger sweater. I figured I owed everyone (the sweater included) some decent online recognition. Careful followers will note that this is my first wearable sweater. True, I made a vest that was gifted and a sweater that makes my skin crawl, but this is my first piece of clothing that I can actually wear. Three cheers to that!

Lets get to the goods, shall we?

Pattern: Juliet (rav link)
Designer: Zephyr Gals: Sarah & Rachel
Yarn: 4 skeins Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (held double) in Provincial Rose
Needles: US #10 Addi Turbos
Dates: 8/1- 9/17 (yes...3 months ago)
Level of love: are we serious?

Mods: The largest modification I made was choosing a different lace pattern for the bodice. The pattern I went with was borrowed from the Vintage Shoulderette pattern. Other than that, I decided to do a single faux button front closure instead of the two separated ones as directed. Originally when I started finishing, the button was going to be functional-- good thing I'm flexible.

enjoy this top very much; its got this A-line Trapezey thing going on. I have already worn it out several times which I believe makes it feel loved and happy. Often I wonder if I'm the only one that imagines knit items having feelings. Yeah...? Just me? *sigh*. I just feel that knit items that are shoved into drawers would naturally be sad, and conversely happy if worn frequently. Okay enough of that, I yield. More finished goodness to come soon!

**Special thanks to my fantastic photographer friend that agreed to take the time to shoot [and edit] these photos just because he's awesome. Won't you pay him a visit?

***Also, can anyone spy the yellow flowers from the picture anywhere else? Gosh I love them.


Kelly said...

looks fantastic, you look great in that colour!!

amanda said...

congrats on your 1st sweater that you love!! It looks great on you :)

Agnes said...

Oh oh oh ... so lovely! You look great in it ... so I think the love is mutual! :)

Kara said...

Yes, yes, yes! Fabulous sweater.

Michael said...

Looks awesome, lady!

Twin XL said...

Really love the beautiful color :)

Dorm Linens said...

Such a hot color!