Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Luck

Hello! I just had to sneak one last project in before the new year quickly approaches. This piece was "commissioned" by a good friend as a gift for his mother [who is fantastic]. I finished it a little later than originally planned (sorry Nick!), but I'm pleased with the final product. I will say this though, it was considerably more difficult to get decent pictures of this one as opposed to the Chickadee cowl which stood at attention without me even touching it. Detail time!

Pattern: Good Luck Cowl (ravelry)
Designer: Christianne Gerstner
Yarn: 1.3 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas, Alpaca Silk - teal
Needles: US #5 Addi Turbos
Made for: Mrs. P
Level of Love: reasonably happy camper

Modifications: I omitted one pattern repeat (for sanity's sake) and used a 2x2 ribbed edging instead of the original purled border. I like that it gave the piece a cleaner edge that wouldn't scallop.

I did enjoy this project, but admittedly got bored working on it for long periods of time (which is probably the why it took longer than expected). The lace pattern is fun, but it's extremely similar to the one done in the Bousta Beret which I completed not too long ago. Though I thoroughly enjoy the finished product here (and I've received word that the recipient does too), I'm not entirely sure I'd knit this again--there are just too many patterns out there to make, right?

That's all for now--travel safely for the remainder of the holiday season and have a fun-filled (and happily knit) New Year!


Aunt Kathy said...

You have a great smile. Almost keeps me from seeing your beautiful work, LOL

mistybliss said...

your work is so lovely - i'm jealous of the lucky recipient!!!
Have a wonderful New Year xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel!

The cowl is beautiful, and thank you for the very kind words in your description of me!

Diane P.

nini naphtaline said...

i really like cowls and this one is just... how can i say... magnifique ! ;-)

Twin XL said...

The knit pattern is so pretty!