Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh I just LOVE surprises!

Here's a surprise FO for your viewing pleasure!
So, operation Holiday '07 was secretly knitting my roommate this vest! This mission was deemed successful tonight when she finally received her [belated] holiday present! The verdict is....IT FITS! A note to self: it is very challenging to knit something in secret with somebody you live with! I can't believe I pulled it off without spilling!

It might look familiar to Fitted Knits fans, it is the Back to School U-Neck vest by Stephanie Japel. The exact same vest that I started (and never finished) in purple- see, here! That is all in the past now because I can have the satisfaction of looking at my version for Jamie instead. Much better. The only modification was making the ribbed portion a little bit longer, nothing crazy. The yarn, Cascade 220 in a happy yellow color, I can't remember the name/dye lot off the top of my head. That mustard like yellow is Jamie's favorite color. My favorite color is aqua blue which is why my title photo above makes me so happy.

That vase of flowers kind of epitomizes the both of us. Okay... maybe in a really oversimplified way. Oh, and size 7 needles were used. The time to knit was off and on for a little less than one month. I am quite pleased! Happy Birthday/Christmas Jamie!


bobbyghandi20670 said...

You did such a great job. Was that the same project you were working on "during" the tournement? And is your roommate looking for a boyfriend? LOL no but seriously is she ?

Kara said...

Sneaky knitting indeed! The vest turned out so fabulous. I am sure she is in love!

rachel iufer said...

ohhhhhh i loooooooove this!!! i've been secretly wanting to knit this vest for so long, and i love how yours turned out. positively lovely!