Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Chickadee

Hello everyone--Merry Christmas to those celebrating today! I wanted to drop in to show you one of the items getting delivered for holiday gifting later this afternoon. Here it is:

Pattern: Chickadee Cowl (Ravelry Link)
Designer: Kirsten Kapur
Made for: Ms. A
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky - Velvet grapes (yum)
Needles: US #10 Addi Turbos
Dates:12/19 - 12/23
Level of Love: lots and lots

I really enjoyed this project. It was quick, it was fun, it was mindless, and the final product is very pretty. The pattern uses a linen stitch which is especially beautiful with variegated yarns (plus it breaks up pooling too!). With the linen stitch on the outside it creates something along the line of seed stitch on steroids on the inside (shown above). The final product is a very dense (yet surprisingly flexible) fabric that is capable of standing on its own, which will effectively block out pesky winter wind. Success.

That's all for now--take care and have a wonderful holiday (tonight is night #5 here)!


Aunt Kathy said...

Wow that's beautiful, the stitch looks so professional.

Enjoy day #5

Kelly said...

ooohhhh love it, the colour is great! I;ve wanted to knit this one for a while but I don't think I have a suitable yarn.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

amanda said...

Beautiful! Kirsten's pattern are great aren't they!

sheepish one said...

beautiful! yours is an inspiration; i've got a semi-solid yarn in my stash awaiting to be cast on for a chickadee.

michelle r said...

nice color choice and very lovely!

nini naphtaline said...

love this one too.. it's wonderful !

Twin XL said...

Love the beautiful wine color :)