Sunday, March 23, 2008


Spring break is coming to a close and I must say, I've enjoyed myself thoroughly. Now, I generally like to keep this next tidbit on the down low (for my own safety), but this semester I [somehow] managed to schedule all of my classes to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday of each week. That's right, you read correctly: 4 day weekends. My point being that the rest of my colleagues (including the Artist) are back up at school anticipating class bright and early. Whereas I am four glorious hours away from school and not heading back until Tuesday morning. I can bask in what little time I have left, spending some quality time with family & hometown friends. Oh, and knitting of course...

I have been working on the Forest Canopy Shawl, but opted to not bore you with new pictures of it since a triangular shawl with fourteen repeats looks a lot like a triangular shawl with nine repeats. If you're feeling slighted, just scroll down to my last post, squint your eyes, and pretend it has grown a couple inches. I promise I'll give you a real update at some point. Eventually...

In other news, I found a knitted item from Christmas past! Does this happen to anyone else? I guess I feel a little goofy for completely forgetting this poor thing. Though (in my defense), after reflection I remembered it being created during one of my [frequent] knitting blackouts. Problem solved. I give you the DROPS shrug:(The look on my face epitomizes my feelings about my 4-day weekends. heh.)

I was equally excited about finding my [WARM] wool shrug just in time for the heat to stop circulating in my bedroom. Uff da.

Here are some stats:

Pattern: DROPS Shrug (Ravelry)
: DROPS design...? (It's very vague)
Yarn: 5 skeins of DROPS Eskimo in light iceblue
Needles: US 15 Addi Turbos
Estimated time of knitting: 4 hours in a trance

And here is a better picture of the frontIn a nutshell, It was quick. It was easy. And it's warm. 'nuff said. My only complaint is that the back gapes a little bit at the bottom, but nothing a good blocking or cleverly placed front button wouldn't fix.

Stay tuned to see the fate of this yarn, as well as a surprise sneaking up at the end of the week--hooo boy!


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh gosh, you look so young and youthful and beautiful. I am jealous, I am an old lady now. You remind me a lot of my niece, she is a freshman in college.

I enjoy reading your blog. Did you ever pick out your prize from Michelle's Etsy store?

Dixie said...

Hey, I think I recognize that shrug! I pulled mine on the other day too! Perfect to chase an early spring chill. Did you know that there was a price drop on all Garnstudio yarns and I am getting more in all the time. I remember what it was like being a college student, but I don't remember being as talented as you!

rachel iufer said...

super cute! and huzzah for planning your schedule so brilliantly. i only have class on monday tuesday and wednesday so thursday and friday are freeeeeeeeeee. it's lovely, isn't it?

fiberfiend6891 said...


Well, not entirely true - high school's pretty cool, sometimes.

mari said...

Cute. :)

Ah, I always tried for at least Mondays with no classes. Four day weekend...lucky you.

Amanda said...

Ah you look so cosy in that! And you knit it quicker than you could go and buy one.

amanda said...

Glad you've enjoyed your spring break- the shrug is really cute.

Michaela said...

That is really cute! It's kind-of a shrug-vest. I think it's going on my queue!!

I used to have those long weekends. They are the best. I miss them... I guess when I retire and work as a Wal-Mart greeter I may be able to work my schedule out that way again.

lizzzknits said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your knitting credentials posted on your website. When I was in college, I could barely crochet an afghan! Thanks for leaving me a comment- You were my first ever!!! And at Harvard too! I spent a few weekends there, myself, but that was in the 1970's.

Anna said...

You, and your site, and you header photo, and your wind-up chick and your pregnant friend, and your 'The Artist' and your pumpkin and your work are all freakin' adorable.

That is all.

Genuine_Lye said...

Love that fat, but crisp stitch definition. Definitely a nice layering piece.

nimoloth said...

Hi, I came here via Ravelry. I was wondering if you could tell me which length of circular needles you used? I've never used them before and need to buy some for the Drops shrug pattern, but I believe the length needs to be right for the project.

Thanks for any advice!

Brittney :) said...

Hey hun!
i saw it on fb and had to check it out again.
i love your site.
its awesome.
keep up the good work!

Twin XL said...

Really cute how the colar stands up & frames your face :)

Dorm Comforter said...

Love, love, LOVE this!!!