Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gretel geht zum Heidel Haus! OR Gretel goes to the Heidel House!

I just finished Gretel! This might come as a surprise since I didn't even mention I was making Gretel. Here she is...SURPRISE!

This project (nicknamed the Heidel Hat) was found on Ysolda's page and I quickly became intrigued and excited to learn how to make this beret-like item. A hat with very German roots despite its French tendencies.

Pattern: Gretel
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Yarn of Choice: Becca's Woolen Works - 100% Merino wool. Beautiful Handspun wool made by a coworker, and gifted by a very good friend. 1 hank = aprox. 200 yards.
Needles: 4's for the ribbing and then
size 7's for the rest.
Cast on: 11/15
Cast off: 11/22

I did try the tubular cast on, but it was a little bit too small. Sigh. I ended up knitting the ribbed portion on size 4 needles and it fit well when I tried it on. Also, cabling without a cable needle = fantastic. I'm very excited to know how to do that now!

If I were to make this pattern again (which I plan on!), I would probably not use handspun wool. The yarn was fantastic and very nice to work with, but I think the variations in the fiber look a little funny for cabling. Also, I think I might try it again in the slouchy size--who knows!


Kara said...

Yay! Gretel (or Heidel) looks so fabulous. You were born to wear berets.

I still have been using the cable needle when cabling, maybe it is time to get with the program.

Maureen said...

Very nice! It looks great on you. I agree with you on the cabling without the needle - I hated cabling before I discovered it, and now it's like a whole new world has been opened to me :)

amanda said...

Gretel looks great! I swatched for this over the weekend and plan to cast on soon.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Pretty hat...pretty smile! looks great! :)