Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What could I buy with $150?

I have fallen in love with a skein of yarn and it's color. Tilli Thomas, why do you make such beautiful yarn that I can't buy? The elegant yarn above is named "Pure and Simple"looks uh-mazing . I want to see in person like none other. The Sequiny version, aptly named "Disco Lights", would be in the same color "atmosphere" as the gorgeous grey above. They just didn't have a hank of the disco online. Sigh....

I have not fallen in love with it's price. YIKES. We're talkin':
3 skeins @ $28 each
2 skeins @ $38 each
pattern @ a reasonable $7

Bringing the total for this garment to a whopping $167.00
but WAIT! if I were to buy all of this online, the discounted kit would be at 150.00 for everything. What a bargain.

I'd like to take this time to mention that I am a college student. A college student that doesn't have $150 dollars to be spending on one sweater's worth of yarn. Seriously. This sweater has been put in the "when I'm established and successful"category.

But you know...if I ever were to acquire such beautifulness before then, I would be making this sweater:

I fear that my needles can't keep up with my eyes.....


robin said...

Don't feel bad. I'm 35 and in senior management at my company, and although I arguably *could* spend that much on yarn, I haven't yet!

Dessy Sims said...

Though the yarn is truly gorgeous, the price is mind-boggling. Definitely not for the average middle class stay-at-home mom.