Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Knit with Arrested Development!

For those of you out there who knit while watching the comic genius of the greatest show to ever grace a television network, this it for you! Arrested Development, you are missed!

Kudos to the graphic design awesomeness of my brother, Joel, for whipping this up so quickly!


Kara said...

AWESOME! Love AD so much and miss it immensely.

amanda said...

Thanks for commenting! I read through some of your recents posts. 1) I have just starting watching AD. Tivo is new in our house and we've been watching AD. It's really funny. We love walking around the house saying BobLoblaw.
2) I like your Forecast. It's really different but great!
3) The Disco lights. Ah. I made a version of Sahara last winter that also calls for the pure & simple for the body of the sweater and the disco lights for the embellishment. I bought a skein of the disco lights for $38 and then found a matching yarn for the body that was WAY more economical. It's on my ravelry page if you're on ravelry (I'm fanciepants).

Good luck!