Monday, October 22, 2007

A Challenge--any takers?

On another note, I challenge somebody to remake this sweater:

J.Crew has definitely caught my eye this time. Seriously. it's 1.5 gauge-- That's madness! And it's a whole cardigan in garter stitch-- Let's be realistic here. I bet whatever anybody makes to mimic this, it won't cost them $175.00 to do so! Click the image for more info on it, hopefully somebody pursues this one!


Erika said...

It looks simple enough and I could definitely make it for less than $175.00. That's outrageous! I'll consider taking it on eventually.

Dessy said...

This one is so pretty!!!! I may think about eventually making it - seems easy to make and is very stylish. :-) $175.00? yeah right... think of all the terrific yarn one could buy with these money.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously. it's 1.5 gauge-- That's madness!"