Thursday, June 26, 2008

I love my job.

case in point.

I started my internship about one month ago, and I can say whole heartedly that I do indeed love my job. Every day is something different and every day I come home smiling. The ladies you see above are truly a priceless bunch--each of them has specific strengths that they bring to the office each day, and together I think that our office is pretty much unstoppable. This is true "girl power".

So at our work, we each take turns leading our weekly staff meetings--the beginning is usually something fun and applicable that serves as an icebreaker of some kind. Long story short, this past Monday was my turn to run the meeting, and I thought of no better icebreaker than inflicting my love of knitting onto a captive audience (wouldn't you?). I provided yarn, needles, and instructions to each, along with this article which I find to be 100% accurate. Some initial were hesitant, but warmly received as an end result. There are now several of the ladies who knit during the day to unwind. Even the diehard crocheter of the bunch agreed to put down her hook and picked up two needles as a gesture of inter-crafting fraternity.

Now, knitting for work doesn't just end there- let me introduce you to a speedy little project:

Pattern: The Beer Sweater
Desginer: Melissa Martinsen
Yarn: Heart & Sole (A new self striping sock yarn with Aloe!)
Needles: US #3 Addi Turbos
Time to knit: obscenely short

This week our staff was taking turns leaving fun surprises on our director's (lower center above) desk. I thought it would be only fitting to knit up something up for her.

I love the self striping sock yarn for this pattern-- It made a fun looking fair isle-ish yoke that I think is really unique. I also think that the cozie looks like a miniature version of the sweaters found all too commonly buried in local thrift stores waiting for someone to love them. It has that "so ugly it's cute" quality about it, which I think is why I love it so much. In my opinion, this pattern was again a success.

So in conclusion, I have established that crafting in the workplace not only makes sense, but it make it makes for happiness too--three cheers for that! I love my job.


Michael said...

hah, cute!
My co-workers are all greatly amused by the fact that I knit. And bring them cupcakes.

aschmuhl said...
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Oshkoshonthewater said...

You forgot to mention the part about who has moved past crochet chain 101. We'll leave out the 'flying' needle though...

amanda said...

The beer cozy is adorable - it really does look like a fair isle pattern.

I've taught 3 people at work how to knit. 2 have really run with it and are working on lots of stuff. It's fun to share ideas with them and bring in my WIPs to show off!

LizKnits said...

That cozy is just toooooo cute!

Cassiemarie said...

I think you may work with someone I used to work with! jodi? (top left?)
Maybe I'm completely nuts, but I used to work with a woman named Jodi that looks just like her when I lived in Oshkosh.
Anyways, what a cute idea. :)

youcantdothaton said...

Renee from knit night here: Ahhhh! That sweater turned out so cute! For the record, I also support crafting at work. It's an excellent conversation piece.

frillbow said...

What a fantastic working environment!
And I love the tiny sweater. I'd like dozens of them to hang on mu tree at Christmas!

brogansmomma said...

That is so cute! And so perfectly silly (I mean that in a NICE way) that I think it'll be the perfect thing to go with a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's brother.

And no, I haven't started Christmas gifts yet (though I should); I've just tried to at least write down some ideas so I can delude myself into thinking that I'm not going to be doing it last minute this year.

lizzzknits said...

Great pattern/ Probably could be adapted for a wine sweater for gift giving.... gift idea!!! I wish more of my co-workers were knitters.

Kara said...

You are like a knitting missionary. Spread the word, girl!

froggiegirl said...

The beer sweater gave me a good chuckle. It's so cute.
You go and indoctrinate those co-workers, that's good stuff. :)

LadyLungDoc said...

You won a prize in my contest. I'm emailing you to get your address.

Twin XL said...

OMG!!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!