Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

I've been told by my good friend Julie Andrews that it's a very good place to start. So, let's see. When we last left off, knitting wise, I was slowly but surely chugging along on this:
Between that point and the time I finished it, I reached a point of frustration. You know, the stage when you feel like you've been working on the same project for ages and it just won't finish itself? That'd be nice. If a project could just finish itself. Obviously in my case that didn't happen, and piling it on my head seemed like a more viable solution than actually getting it done at the time.
Luckily, around May 25th I found the mojo necessary to finish the edging charts and get the whole thing blocked. Just in time for my trip to Scotland (woohoo!).Isn't blocked lace awesome? It maintains to be my favorite part of the process. Okay, how about some details?

Pattern: Springtime Bandit
Designer: Kate Gagnon Osborn
Yarn: 4.5 skeins of Artyarns Supermerino - Sapphire
Needles US #8 Addis
Time to knit: laughable. I began March 15th and well...yeah. May 25th.
Level of Love: High! Very wearable, warm, colorful, and squooshy!
Mods: I added 2 extra repeats of the leaf motif--that's it!

And here are some of the FO shots!So there you have it! This project got a lot of wear during my trip and will continue to do so now that the weather is getting cooler again. I'm glad I'm finally getting to share these projects with you, there are many many more in my FO arsenal waiting to be seen--stay tuned!


Yarndude said...

Aw, you look gorgeous in that shawl!

Chantal B said...

Good idea to add some extra motif at the spring time bandit. Mine is a little too small. Next one maybe! Yours is very nice!

Bhavna said...

Oooooh so pretty!

(bmisra @ Rav)

Sarah said...

Beautiful - I have this on my list of potential Christmas gifts - it's a lovely pattern.

ldwiebe said...

i just love reading what you write! and i love are the cutest!

Twin XL said...

Loving the shawl - so pretty!

Dorm Bedding said...

That knit pattern is sooo pretty!