Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One year ago

Yes, yes, it's true: One year ago today, I launched this little project of mine--how time has flown! During the past year, this little blog has grown to serve as the modus operandi of my projects, experiences, thoughts, emotions (both high and low), and lord knows whatever else I've thrown into the mix. I personally love having an outlet that I can use [at all hours] to talk about whatever it is that's got my goat (pun intended) at the time. Simply put, it has been (and will continue to be) a fantastic place for self reflection.

On the topic of reflection, I've been thinking a lot about why I chose the title I did for this blog. Despite it seeming obvious, I've determined that my life post-knitting has been predominantly happy. Really happy. Before I found this craft, I had this unfulfillable void searching for a hobby that really felt like home. My time spent knitting has filled that void completely. Looking back, it's terrifying to think that 2 years ago at this time, I hadn't picked up a pair of needles since my mom first taught me to knit at age 8! Can you believe it? Life without knitting would just be so.....sad! This brings me to the subject of happiness in general. I'd definitely consider myself a "glass half full" kinda gal, and I'll be the first to tell you that you really never are fully dressed without a smile. That said, I'm going to throw this one out to you:

What is it that makes you happy?

I basically love asking people this question. In my experience, it's one of the best ways to get to know somebody. Would you mind indulging me? Pretty please?

Because it's my first blogaversary, I will officially call this a "contest", though your response isn't going to be judged or put in any crazy order of validity--that'd just be weird. Simply answer the question however you think is best. Your answer can be about friends, family, movies, books, activities, crazy rituals, you name it! Plus by doing so, you'll automatically be entered into a drawing for some fun goodies sent with care by yours truly. **Don't forget to include an email address so I can contact you if you win!** To put some sort of timeframe on this, let’s have it finished up by October 1st at 11:59 pm shall we? (can you tell I'm getting used to college deadlines again??)

Lastly, I wanted to take the time showcase the site that really got me interested in the idea of starting my own blog, and who really got me fired up about knitting again. Christina, I can't say I know you extremely well (or at all really) but thank you for blogging the way you do; it helped me start something I love!

and last but not least, a link to my first [pathetically comical] post.


sweetp said...

Congrats on your blog-versary! Yay for you. I am really enjoying taking pleasure in the little things at the moment - so enjoying every day with my little kiddies is what makes me happy at the moment. That plus knitting of course ;)
Look forward to reading your blog for another year...

Jackie said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Family, friends...they make me happy. What is surprising me that makes me happy is discovering the creative side to me. It's been something I hadn't expected!

M Ward said...

Congrats on a year!

Sleeping dogs make me happy. No matter how much I look at Maddi asleep, I always think it is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Stacy said...

Congrats on a year! I'd have to say those times where I am fully engaged with my creative side - whether knitting, jewelry making, sewing, writing or out with a friend guessing the story of the people next to us - makes me the most happy. It's really the ultimate experience.

Thanks for continuing to blog. I always enjoy reading about your knitting and life.

Keri said...

Congrats Rachel! I can not believe it has been a whole year, but only a year.

What makes me happy? It is a bit of a list:

My husband
Ice cream
Close friends and family
Making things myself and then having people appreciate them
Babies - other people's

meezermeowmy said...

Happy blogversary!

I'm happiest when I'm knitting and enjoying my MP3 player, whether it be classical music or knitting podcasts. When I have had a long, stressful day I retreat to this pursuit, and all is well with my world.

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

Happy blogiversary!
Sleeping in the tent makes me happy. I just love camping, hiking, and being outdoors. It does not mean that I am unhappy in the urban settings. I really like curling up on the sofa and working on one of my multiple projects while "watching" (or should I say half-watching) a movie.

Sherral said...

What makes me happy? hmmmm.... Well, right now I'd have to say eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! Congrats on your blogiversary!

blueyed wench said...

Happy 1 year, may there be many more :)

Happiness to me is being comfortable, trying knew things, and feeling like I accomplished something in my day.

Kara said...

What a great year. It makes me happy that I got to know you over the last year...

What also makes me happy is putting together my new home. I love making a place that is truly my own.

Kyle said...

Happy Blogiversary Happy College Knitter!

trek said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy things? My Neatnik and Number Guy, ice cream, books, and, of course, knitting!

undeadgoat said...

Sunshine on the beach, hot white sand, cool blue water, crying seagulls, sharp dunegrass, my brother taking me for a sail, a spectacular sunset, a bonfire with my friends, and then finally sleep.

kendra said...

things (among others) that make me happy:
hot chocolate
inside jokes
jim halpert
joe mauer
my apartment
my room mate
northern minnesota
rachel elizabeth bernstein
the office
the twins

Alicia F said...

Well, I must say your blog is very intriguing. It makes me want to learn how to knit. Which means i need to set up a time with you...ha.
But on the topic of what makes me happy....I would have to say animals. I love my cat and dog back at home and i realize im not complete without them, might sound stupid but there is a sense of comfort when im around them....and i should probably add that the boy makes me happy too. :)

Michael said...

Happy anniversary my dear. Hope the shawl and socks are still serving some small purpose.

Nudista said...

Congrats on turning 1 today! I see you have already begun your first words =0)

Lots of things make me happy, but I'd say family, knitting, crochet, art in general, really make me not only be happy, but relax.

You also can't beat a HUGE bathtub and pho... although not together.

Craig Z said...

Congratulations on your One Year Blogiversary! I love the picture!! Have a great special day! :)

maryeb said...

Happy Blogaversary!
Knitting, making jewelry, drinking tea and being with my family make me very happy!

jjabrahamson said...

things that make me happy:

people named rachel,
venting in the office,
living the "office" in the office,
traveling the el-global,
meeting new people,
the simplicity of the outdoors,
napping outside.

Congrats on the 365! :)


Dawn said...

Congratulations on your blogvesary...Things that make me happy: a phone call in the middle of the day from my husband, my kitty rubbing against me to say thank you for his dinner, watching the birds in the feeder and bird bath, watching a girlie movie with friends and knitting.

wenat said...

I found your contest via Ravelry ... and it's a fun one!

My kids make me happy when they're playing well together, or actually cooperating, because it's so amazing to see them becoming friends with each other. I may have brought them into this world, but they're bravely learning how to make their way in it, and it constantly amazes and delights me.

Melissa said...

Happy 1 Year! So many things make me happy, but one that first comes to mind is seeing a striking combination of bright colors, whether it be in a display at Target, in nature, or in a quilt.

mlanezoo said...

Happy Blogaversary RachieB!
As others have said, a lot of things make me happy. Life in general makes me happy, because it is filled with wonderful people, animals, plants, arts, crafts, etc. However, I must say that a very happy second/minute/hour/day for me is spent knitting on the couch with my two rat terriers (one on my lap and one next to my leg)!

ikkinlala said...

Happy blogiversary!

Some of the things that make me happy are family, knitting, music, dancing, hiking, my friends, and some really pretty mathematical concepts that I halfway understand some days.

Kenyetta said...

Happy Blogiversary! Many more to you!
My family makes me happy, when we are outside and the girls, the dogs are running around laughing, that makes me very happy!
Also when I finish a project and the recipient really appreciates it, that makes me happy!

Julia said...

Happy Blogiversary! I keep missing mine...

What makes me happy? I'm learning that this question gets easier with age. I recently blogged about it too: Good food, yoga, knitting... that's the short answer. Of course, there's other stuff, but a perfect day? Sleep in; brunch; shop for yarn and shoes; vinyasa yoga class; hot shower or bath, nice dinner with good wine; knitting on the couch and a good movie...all with my favourite select peeps. Ahhh.

Aunt Kathy said...

Ahh Rachel... I so agree about blogging and the freedom and life without knitting??? May that never be so.

What makes me happy... Do I only have to list ONE??

My grandson Adam makes me happy
Seeing Happy College knitters makes me happy
Soft Yarn and a perfect pattern makes me happy
Knowing I met my weight loss goal for surgery makes me happy

yadda yadda yadda

Josiane said...

Happy blogiversary!
Well, the thing that makes me happy today is celebrating our third anniversary with my sweetheart... and living with him is a source of happiness every day!

katerina said...

Happy Blogaversy to you!
Happy Blogaversy to you!
Happy blog... oh you get it :)

The things that make my heart really happy are (in no paticular order):
~When the people I love are happy - I just love to share and spread the joy
~Dancing to a favorite song of mine, at the gym, at home, at the club - with friends is even better - but just dancing and singing along makes me smile
~Reminiscing with family/freinds, or a good Sn'B, or meeting new wonderful people - I love to talk to great people that makes me happy too.
~beautiful weather - on a glorious spring day, a few fluffy couds - a nice breeze - ahh! enjoyment.
Thanks for the blog - and I love the pictures from the farm (they make me happy!)

amanda said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

Let's see, what makes me happy is:
Getting work done
Traffic-free commutes
Good food
Good company
My dogs

crochetgurl said...

happy blogaversary!

it doesn't take too much to make me happy...having graduated from college 2 years ago, i would say the happiest part of my day is when i go home, and i can relax while knitting and watching my many tv shows on dvd...i learned how to knit when i was 8 but i haven't picked up it again until this past February...and suddenly i feel like my life is more meaningful and fuller (if that makes sense)...i know that knitting will always make me happy (when it's not stressing me out with pattern mistakes) and that it will probably be a constant for the rest of my life...other than that, i enjoy shopping and hanging out with friends/family :-)

Jackie said...

Congrats on your blog-versary! What makes me happy is spending time with my loved ones. Its important to always enjoy the little moments in life.

Yarndude said...

One year, wow! I for sure read this post AGES ago and forgot to comment on it. I'm a bit of a flake. :(

Comfort makes me happy. Specifically comfort in the presence of another person. I like the feeling of being able to sit in silence with someone without being uncomfortable.

amanda said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary!

A cosy afternoon with the kids makes me happy, or a long country walk with them on a crisp day. :)

Knit Pickins said...

Congratulations on your bloggiversary. Mine is coming up here very soon!

What makes me happy... knitting; when one of my students has that "Aha!" moment; a really long, really good novel; warm blankets; walks on sunny autumn days; friends; family; funny faces made my small children (which you can see on my blog).

WorstedKnitt said...

Congratulations on the year!

What makes me happy is to notice things are getting better in the world - too bad that doesn't happen too often, but still sometimes!

I'm also happy when knitting, and when the sun is shining, and I have my fiancé close!

kendra said...

hm, one other thing i didn't add originally, but made me immensely happy on my "commute" to class this morning was walking through crunchy leaves :o)

sailorcross said...

Congratulations on your blog's year old birthday!!

Let's see--it doesn't take too much to make me happy:

My children
A completed project
A WIP that is looking good
My friends


RoamingKnitter said...

Happy Blog Birthday.

I am happiest when I am with my life mate, my husband of 44 years. He is my best friend, the one who makes me laugh most and the true light of my life. We are now living our dream life and enjoying it very much.

Twin XL said...

2 things that really make me happy - animals and feeling as though I'm doing something worthwhile with my life.....working on that second one :)