Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hopelessly Devoted

No knitting to speak of; financial accounting is consuming my soul (of all things!). Trying to not think about the 30 some page portfolio I have due tomorrow, and instead looking forward to this Saturday when my brother will be marrying this lovely woman (yup, she's one of us!). Joel is my only sibling so this wedding will be extra special! For those curious, I will be a groomsmaid. Hilarious.

Bike update: bittersweet news again regarding my stolen bicycle. Saturday night The Artist called to tell me he actually found my bike. Unfortunately, he followed that with the news that he found it on the side of the road after it'd been absolutely manhandled. Sigh. Lessons learned:
  • People can be dumb.
  • Vandalism is real.
  • Buy a better lock.
Hopefully this inspires you to go and hug your bicycle and be weary of shady characters!

On the upside: let me introduce you to Sandra Dee: my mom's cruiser that she generously donated to my commuting cause-- Thanks mom!
"But blue Schwinn don't you see? There's just no getting over you...I'm hopelessly devoted to you..."

(fans of 'Grease' are hopefully smiling)


Amanda said...

Aw hope you have a great wedding weekend. It'll be fab having a knitting sister-in-law. Apart from my mum and Lily there is no-one here to knit with. Sob, sob...

Michaela Dollar said...

But now, there's nowhere to hide since you pushed my love aside! I'm not in head, hopelessly devoted to yoooouuuuu!

*Grease fan smiling*

Melissa said...

Glad your Mom could help you out with the wheels.

Have fun at the wedding! Funny, the only wedding I've been in, aside from my own, was as a groomsmaid. It's nice when people break the gender conventions like that.

amanda said...

Hope your brother's wedding is great. What does a groomsmaid wear?

thenewgirl said...

dude, that is one sweet ride.

Dixie, Yellow Dog said...

Hope the wedding was wonderful! Are you going to be around this summer? Are you looking for part-time hours? You've got some "mad knittin' skills"! Email me.

Twin XL said...

Gosh.....why can't some people just keep their hands off other people's stuff??? :(