Thursday, September 27, 2007

Progress can be fun

Progress! I have been able to knit a few rows here, cable a few there, and as a result have gotten another inch or so onto my sweater! I actually have made it to the waistband portion of Forecast! I've switched to my size 8's to give it a more fitted look--overall I'm pleased with the way it's coming out. Hooray!

Today I had a professor of mine talk about the "crazy" niche markets that there are in the tourism industry. He included groups like the ghost chasers, civil war re-enacters, and of course, the KNITTERS. what?! When did we get lumped with the crazies? Not saying that the others are, but are we really that strange? Really? He went on to tell me that when I'm not busy knitting (in class) that I should make pilgrimage to "The World's Largest Ball of Twine" to contemplate knitting the world's largest sweater.

Intriguing. Yes?

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robin said...

How funny that knitters have been categorized as a fringe (LOL) group now. I wish I would have known how to knit in college, as I would have enjoyed my classes a lot more! Then again, I probably wouldn't have gotten as much studying done.